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A memorable play for all ages
Performed in English







344 EAST 14th St (AT 1st AVENUE)


December 14, 2019 – December 22, 2019

By Carina Toker

A Golem from Buenos Aires is a multidisciplinary theater play for the whole family, inspired by  the Jewish legend of the Golem of Prague. In this original performance, an unexpected event unfolds a new hilarious, poetic, moving story.


-By Tickets:

Tickets are $22. Run time is 70 minutes, no intermission.


Tickets can be purchased online at


or by calling 646-395-4310.

The show is recommended for the enntire



The performance schedule for

A Golem from Buenos Aires is:



14 @ 11:00am

14 @ 1:00pm *

15 @ 1:00pm

21 @ 1:00pm *

22 @ 1:00pm

* Includes post show experience “Let’s Create a Golem” workshop led by

Gabriela Esterovich.


New York, NY – A Golem from Buenos Aires, written, directed and choreographed by Carina Toker is playing its American Premiere at the theater at the 14th St Y (344 East 14th St, New York, NY 10003). Performances are set to begin on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 and continue through Sunday, December 22nd, 2019. 

With its roots in the legendary Jewish folktale “The Golem of Prague”, A Golem from Buenos Aires is a fresh and exciting new play for the entire family.  Argentinean theater artist and playwright Carina Toker picks up where the folktale leaves off and weaves a story of creation, life, and learning.  An unexpected event stirs this hilarious, poetic, and delightful story.

While traditional tales of the Golem often have a somber and even violent undertone, Toker’s interpretation is one of creation, empathy, and the beauty in each of us.  The show includes the poem "The Golem" by Jorge Luis Borges and additional poetry by Eliahu Toker.  The text is aimed to be a starting point for reflection and an approach to the world of letters, poetry, visual arts, music, and dance.

The production staged in Buenos Aires, Argentina received rave reviews, MECENAZGO (the sponsorship of the city of Buenos Aires), three ATINA (The Argentinean Association of Independent Dramatists for Children and Adolescents) awards and was created through the LABA/Argentina program. All the members of the cast will be making their US debuts, starring Martín Bontempo, Alejandro Justiniano, Mercedes Moreno, Pilar Rodríguez Rey and Patricia Gómez.

The creative team includes Gabriel Toker (Music & Arrangements), Mirta Kupferminc (Art and Scenic Design), Federico Joselevich Puiggrós (Projection Design), Adrián Grimozzi (Scene Design), Estela Ivkovcic (Props), Silvana Morini (Costumes), Lucila Gejtman (Graphic Design), Cynthia Nejamkis (Management Assistant), Claudia Wolowski (Production), Fuentes & Fernández and CENDAS Auditorium Theater of Buenos Aires  (Photography). Poems by Jorge Luis Borges and Eliahu Toker. 

Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff


Carina Toker

Playwright, Director, Choreographer

Carina has been a dancer and a choreographer for more than 30 years and has directed and created original shows, presented both in her native Buenos Aires and abroad. In 2017 she became a LABA-BA Fellow and her project was selected to be performed at the 14th Street Y Theater. In 2018 she received the Atina award for playwriting and her play, A Golem from Buenos Aires, was declared of Cultural Interest by the government of the city of Buenos Aires. Today she is excited to fulfill her dream of presenting her show in New York.

Lecturer, mentor of other artists and teacher, she lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Exhibiting since 1977, she has had more than 100 solo shows . Her works can be found in International Collections and Museums. Received local and international printmaking awards, Example:  Great Honor Prize (2012) in Argentina, First Prize Sivori Museum, Argentina (2018) Silver Medal Taiwan Biennale (2006) Honor Mention Taipei Biennale (1999) Third Prize  at 7th Koichi Biennale (2008). In 2013 she was the first international fellow at LABA House of Study: a laboratory for Jewish Culture at the 14th St Y NYC. and is also the founding LABA-BA director in Buenos Aires.    

 Federico Joselevich Puiggrós Projection Design

Technological artist, programmer, and teacher. He works at the intersection of art and technology, bringing tools to the scene from the performatic arts. He has won several prices for his works.

 Currently he is doing research on the convergence between artificial intelligence and the performing arts. 

Mirta Kupferminc

Art and Scenic Design

Gabriel Toker

Music and Arrangements

Graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), “Summa Cum Laude” Diploma. Graduated from the School of Contemporary Music.  Pianist in Sexteto Sur¸ a group that accompanied artists such as Roberto “Polaco” Goyeneche, Adriana Varela and Cacho Castaña.  Pianist in La Banda de la Risa with Claudio Gallardou of several plays.  These plays won seven awards from the Association of Entertainment Commenters “ACE”.  Musical arragements for “El saludador” by Tito Cossa (San Martin Theater), “Tango por Pablo”, “El último de los amantes ardientes” and many others.

Cynthia Nejamkis

 Management Assistance

She is a graduate from Ricky Pashkus and M Bali’s Schools of Performing Arts. She has participated in TV commercials as an actress and a dancer. She holds a degree in TV and film production from Buenos Aires Communications School. She has produced several festivals and events for the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires. Stage manager and production coordinator in “The beauty queen”(2019) , "Lover at the blue house" (2019) “Don t say that… let's talk!   "A golem in Buenos Aires "(2018-2019).   

She has a degree in System Analysis and has extensive experience in business management, logistics, artistic and executive production.

She was manager during 10 years at a very important Argentine company called RAPIPAGO and in the National Social Policies Council.

During the last fifteen years she has developed her own production company “CLAUDIA WOLOWSKI PRODUCCIONES” and has been Executive Producer of festivals, plays and fund raisers as well as Consultant for art related NGOs. 

She is also an audiovisual editor, designer of communication pieces, website developer and community manager.


Claudia Wolowski

Executive Producer

Gabriela Esterovich

Workshop Teacher

Visual artist and educator who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Profesor of Engraving and Printing (1991). Her work has been exhibited in Argentina and abroad since 2006 (Brazil, Germany, Austria, Israel, Spain, and USA).

She has awarded many distinctions like the First Prize at the Salón Primavera (Buenos Aires, 2018), Honor Mention at the 33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (New York, 2018), and Special Mention of The Jury at the 3rd Artist Book Biennial (Buenos Aires, 2016).

She is focused in arts and children. She has directed and created educational projects at her own studio “Talller del Patio” (1999) and has developed art programs for over 25 years at the  Scholem  Aleijem School in Buenos Aires.

Meet The NY Cast

Martín Bontempo

 (The Golem)

He is an argentinian actor, playwright, director and theater teacher. He trained with renowned drama teachers, such as Daniel Casablanca, Cristina Banegas and Mauricio Kartun. He participated as an actor in several plays, like "Muertos de risa", adaptation of the film by Álex de la Iglesia, "El Fausto Criollo" for the National Cervantes Theater and "Las Chicas del Zapping" by Los Hermanos Quintana. He was part of the cast of the award-winning web serie  "Gorda". He wrote ten plays, as "En La Piel" and "Matarás a todos". Since 2016, he is the director of different theater workshops.

Mercedes Moreno

 (Mrs. Hinde) 

Argentinian actress; trained in acting, singing and dancing, with great professionals in Buenos Aires (Daniel Casablanca, Paula Grinzspan, Nora Moseinco, Federico Leon, Zai Forte, Lucas Alvarez, among others). Mercedes has been part of the cast of several plays in Buenos Aires, as ¨En la piel¨, ¨Mataras a todos¨, ¨La invitada¨, ¨La teoria de un Brian¨, ¨El fausto criollo¨, ¨Un Golem en Buenos Aires¨ and more. She is also part of two bands as a singer. Since 2010 she has been directing plays and teaching drama lessons for kids and adults. She is delighted to perform the English version of “A golem from Buenos Aires” in New York City.

Alejandro Justiniano

 (Rabbi Low/ Mr Isaac)

After graduating as an actor from the Theatre School of Raúl Serrano, he worked for the English stage company “Buenos Aires Players”, performing four plays and touring the Country (Argentina).  Also for Royal Caribbean cruise line as a Singer/Performer traveling around Exotic Asia. Currently he is performing in the popular play “La Desgracia” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Other credits include, “Disney in Concert” at the Colon Theater, “Y Un Día Nico se Fue”, “El Libertador”, “Noche de Reyes”, “Saltimbanquis”, and “Una Mujer Inquietante”.  

He is very excited to be making his New York stage debut with “A Golem from Buenos Aires”.

Pilar Rodriguez Rey

 (Todrus/ Myriam)

Graduated from Julio Bocca-Ricky Pashkus Musical Theatre Fundation. She studied at the National Arts University, movement arts department, and dramma at Claudio Tolcachir's School, and at Julio Chávez Studio, among others. She worked as an assistant choreographer in

several musical plays.

Winner of the best actress award at the 2nd Ibero-American Festival. She was nominated as the best female performer for the Hugo awards for the musical “T.A.S.C.A.Q.” (disorder of loving someone without knowing who) 2014; and for “Hair” 2019. She is also a musical theatre teacher.

Patricia Gómez

(Narrator/ Myriam)

Bilingual Actress (Spanish/English); trained in Acting, Voice and Speech, Scene Study, Storytelling, Voice Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre with professionals from Buenos Aires and New York (Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting).

Pat has played leading roles in O. Wilde´s “A Woman of no Importance”, W. Shakespeare´s “Romeo and Juliet” and C. Churchill´s “Top Girls” in English.

Additional credits include H. Midón and C. Gianni´s “Cantando sobre la mesa”, I. Calvino´s “Ciudades Invisibles” and C.Toker´s “Un Golem en Buenos Aires” in Spanish. Pat is making her New York stage debut.


‘A GOLEM FROM BUENOS AIRES’ at the Theater at the 14th Street Y (Dec. 14, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.; Dec. 15, 1 p.m.; through Dec. 22). In this American premiere, the golem isn’t the only South American visitor; the show’s entire creative team has arrived from Buenos Aires to present the first English-language performances of this comic romp. Written and directed by Carina Toker, the play continues the plot of the Jewish folk tale “The Golem of Prague,” about a 16th-century clay giant that comes to life to defend the Jewish people from their persecutors. Restored to an inanimate state and stashed in an attic after his rescue mission, the golem revives generations later in an Argentine household, where many complications ensue. Incorporating Jorge Luis Borges’s poem “The Golem,” as well as verse by Toker’s father, Eliahu Toker, the 70-minute production also features projections, music and dance. After the final performance each Saturday, the Y will offer a workshop in which children can make — what else? — their own golems.
646-395-4310, 14streety.org

LABA Buenos Aires, or LABA BA, was the first LABA satellite program to emerge outside of the NY mothership. Sharing Jewish text and incubating new Jewish culture through art is the LABA mission that we are proud now extends globally. We are excited to announce that this winter, LABA BA will be co-presenting with the Theater at the 14th Street Y, A Golem from Buenos Aires, a magical theater program suitable for families of all ages, that will include engagement activities following the December 14 and 21 performances


The creature of Prague, in the city


"A Golem in Buenos Aires". Written and directed by: Carina Toker. Costume design: Silvana Morini. Stage design: Mirta Kupferminc and Federico Joselevich Puigróss. Actors: Martín Bontempo, Sebastián Codega, María Rosa Frega, Mercedes Moreno, Pilar Rodríguez Rey. In El Tinglado Theater House (Mario Bravo 948, Buenos Aires City, Argentina)

Mariano Casas Di Nardo




In art, as in life, there are those who follow the logical path and those who choose a more complex one, and do so with full authority. And Carina Toker has the DNA of the latter. She presents her performance for children inspired in the legend of the Golem of Prague, the one created by the famous Rabbi Loew to defend his city from the attacks and persecutions suffered in 1500. The story provokes hearty laughter from children and animated applause from adult audiences.

Author and director Toker transforms an originally cryptic story into one filled with narrative subtleties, humorous winks, technological tools (like the magically animated background), and beguiling costumes, all of which are sure to charm audiences of all ages.



The story takes us back to the year 1500 when a wise Rabbi left an unfinished Golem in a synagogue’s attic, in an old book. This object passed from generation to generation until it crossed the ocean and ended up in Buenos Aires, where it comes to life in the house of Master Isaac and Mrs. Hinde. From then on, craziness and absurdities start happening.

Toker succeeds in bringing in the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges and of her own father, Eliahu Toker, as well as grounding the play strongly in historical times. She also makes resourceful use of the stage of El Tinglado so the characters may move with freedom.The scene of Mrs. Hinde and the Golem dancing has an artistic and esthetic beauty rarely seen in a play for children.
In "A Golem in Buenos Aires" everything seems to shine. The cast, led by Martín Bontempo (the Golem), who gives a master class of gestures and acting without saying a single word charms you immediately. He is followed by María Rosa Frega as the narrator of this story, Mercedes Moreno (Mrs. Hinde), Sebastián Correa (Master Isaac) and Pilar Rodríguez Rey (a neighbor who easily falls in love). Costume by Silvana Morini, represent different historical periods, and the stage design by Mirta Kupferminc and Federico Joselevich Puigróss presents animated photos of each situation.
Without a doubt, a magical, sensitive play that will bring light and joy to these Winter Holidays.


Mariano Casas Di Nardo

June 27, 2018

About “A Golem in Buenos Aires”, by Tova Szwartzman (writer and psychoanalyst)


On the stage, a strange character walks around staring at a Hebrew alphabet that slides over the air. In her seat, my granddaughter points at the creature and yells: "The Golem is eating the letters!!! He’s not supposed to do that!!!

I hear laughter in the audience.

“A Golem from Buenos Aires” lives not only in the dreams of Buenos Aires people, but also now in the theater. I have no knowledge of anyone using this legend for the stage in the four centuries of the Golem’s existence.

The Golem, an urban legend, has also been book, verse, movie, and today, theatre and poetry. Carina Toker’s play, which she wrote and directed, is nourished from those sources. And what’s more, Carina and her brother Gaby, the original musical composer for the play, lived the magic of a writing father. Eliahu Toker, the great Jewish-Argentinean poet, is also present with his words on the stage, alongside Jorge Luis Borges and his famous poem Golem.

A Golem in Buenos Aires is also a visual experience that feels almost tactile. Mirta Kupferminc and Federico Joselevich  Puiggrós maze us with magically moving ships, buildings, neighborhoods, and letters!

All products of these artists’ minds.

The Golem and his friends can be seen for an hour and a half at El Tinglado Theater House. And the authors bring to us this Jewish and Universal story that captures the hope for a better world.

A Golem in Buenos Aires is a play for children and adults because it is an experience of generational transmission.

Imprints are always left behind, even when you don’t notice it. Thank you, Golem in Buenos Aires! I will tell Lola, my granddaughter that eating letters is a beautiful metaphor that makes us more human.



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